WAN and Sideways Festival

After Andrew Stuck posted the Sideways Festival’s call for projects on the JISCmail, we thought we would get in touch with them on behalf of WAN. I am now please to say that Clare Q and I will be visiting Belgium next week and spending Tuesday with festival organiser Andy Vandevyvere. We are visiting both Trage Wegen (where Andy works) and the Verbeke Foundation (one of the other partners). It seems we are all equally excitied about the prospect of a collaboration between WAN and Sideways, so watch this space!

Looking forward to seeing many of you at Chelsea Theatre on Saturday 30th July – I’ll post more about that later today.


2 thoughts on “WAN and Sideways Festival

  1. walking was introduced to me as a spiritual practice from a Buddhist perspective…particularly silent walking. It calms one to breathe in synchronicity with the trees and to hear energy patterns in ways that support a more gentle and kind existence.

  2. hay I would like to join you for a new view of london city!
    from Italy Rome Cristina Lilith (the Phenician!)

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