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On the 14th September 2012 the Walking Artists Network presented ‘Walkie-talkie too’ at the Sideways festival in Zutendaal, Belgium. This was the second event under the umbrella of the Walking Artists Network, and saw artist, academics and practitioners from across Europe come together and think and talk and walk some more. Participants’ responses – written, photographic, audio – are posted here.


On the 30th July 2011, the Walking Artists Network presented ‘Walkie-talkie’ – a day of scratch walks and peripatetic perambulations. Walkie-talkie was the first walking event of the Walking Artists Network, established in order to aid/enable/force artists who use walking in their practice to come together and think and talk and walk. Walkie-talkie invited people to come together for a one-day mobile laboratory, using Chelsea Theatre as ‘base camp’.

Documentation of the day’s walks, talks and explorations

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