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  1. Through the solitary act of walking within an urban space, I film and photograph from a first persons point of view in order to document the banality, alienation and manipulation of the everyday capitalist perspective. As an installation and new form of work within itself, I work with the collected records through projection. I deconstruct these documents by reflecting upon the walk and space, and all of this is to induce the viewer to authentically participate, socialise and walk within the installation’s space itself; thus, momentarily forgetting about the deception and alienation of consumer society through this.

  2. Walking along the walls of the world!
    To commemorate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin the 9th November 2014, I had the idea to walk around all the defensive walls around to world. Growing up in Berlin and having experienced the impact of the wall among generations, I plan to do this project as an act of art as political activism in order to create awareness of the constitution of the world, focussing basicly on the issues of political or ideological conflict or immigration issues.
    The map of walls created by the geographer Thierry Gauté will be used ( The project will start january and febuary 2015, walking around the borders of Singapore/Malaysia, Malaysia/ Thailand and Brunei Malaysia (please look at the map). The project is going to be completed inbetween the next 3/4 years.
    I am looking for artists who want to join the project, ideas of documentation, and an economic founding.
    Hope to hear from you!

  3. I didn’t walk. I didn’t write. My daughter is the age I was in 1977 when I was a literature student in Santiago de Compostela in not yet democratic Spain where thousands of women were in jail for adultery and abortion. In October 2015 I walked 116km into Santiago and found a rich seam. It reminded me that I did my growing up walking as 1 liberated teenager beside Catalans and Gallegos through the last decade of Western European fascism am on the last check of the 25th edit of a 60k creative and lyrical memoire and anthology which I want to (not self-)publish. Any thoughts from anyone interested most welcome for moral support, shared memories or publishing ideas.

  4. Slag heaps, Shoulder of Mutton, Slide Cop and Baldy, black egrets, Zambezi mud, nodding donkeys, Camel Thorn, Fagus Sylvatica. Nyamandhlovu to Pulborough. Subject and situation. Striding, strolling, sleeping; in all my places, to walk or not, to think or not, to plan or not, to dream or not.

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